Attention: NFA Engravings are only $50 and done while you wait, in about 15 minutes. NO Appointment Necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship my firearm directly to you, or must I use a local FFL to ship my firearm?

YES! You can ship us your slides, your mags and pretty much anything directly: The ATF has a provision for "Customization" and "Repair" work for individuals to send their firearms directly to an FFL as long as it is done through UPS or FEDEX ONLY! (NO US Postal Service!). Inbound out of town orders for engraving work are to be shipped with a list of enclosed contents (include pertinent serial numbers if applicable) as well as your Name, Phone Number and Email Address so that we may contact you should we have a question or to forward you invoices and receipts. Also include a brief recap of work to be performed as a reminder (we will call if there is a need for clarification). All of this ALONG WITH A PREPAID RETURN LABEL to: LV Laser Engraving 6985 W Sahara Ave #104 Las Vegas, NV 89117

How much does laser engraving my firearm cost?

Every project is unique and therefore so are most of our prices. Laser stippling starts @ $100 but varies based on complexity and time needed under the laser. We try our best to work with most budgets and recommend contacting us with your idea, to get a solid estimate.

What type of graphics files do you need?

Formats: We take care of reworking your graphics for you, however, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PLT are preferred, please no Zip Or Rar compressed files. The higher the definition, the easiest to work with but we can work with most graphics. Graphic Color: Think in Black and white. Eventually, all graphics will be converted to black and white (no Gray) so avoid blurry images or images with a lot of shading or poor contrasting colors / features.

What size requirements are there?

Be realistic, a wedding portrait engraved on an area the size of a stamp will not render well. Rule of thumb is, find that graphic on google, shrink it down on your screen to the size it will be, if it is hard to recognize there, it will be hard to recognize on the finished product.

What are your average turn around times?

We try to turn around most projects in under a week, however this will depend on complexity, amount of graphic design and laser time needed. Once you provide us your idea, we will give a rough estimate for turn around.

DO you do firearm transfers?

Yes, we do. If you purchase a firearm online, we can handle your transfer. We charge $25 per firearm, however this is ONLY for current Nevada CCW holders. If you do not have a Nevada state issued ID and concealed weapons permit we are not able to help you. Sorry.

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