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Manufacturer and OEM Marking Available!

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At Las Vegas Laser Engraving, we have proudly built and cultivated a reputation for working closely with clients to create one-of-a kind, custom art pieces that set their firearms apart from all others.  We take great pride in this facet of our business, and while we will continue to expertly make badass toys for badass girls and boys, we are also able to offer many additional services to business and manufacturers, utilizing fiber and Co2 laser technology. 

Using a combination of our advanced technology and well-trained hands and minds, we are able to produce truly awesome and intricate pieces of engraving to suit the needs of any manufacturer.  We are able to engrave manufacturer/OEM marking and maker’s marks, as well as serial numbers and material and part codes to your product, regardless of its size or surface. In addition, we can create more intricate and specialized design concepts. We are able to provide custom logo addition, and even detailed signatures to nearly any item.  We know that your business has unique and specific needs, and it is our goal to meet them.  

We are able to offer these services to a wide variety of clients, in that our lasers are able to engrave on nearly any material.  We are able to work with natural substances such as wood, glass, and titanium, as well as man-made and synthetic substances ranging from plastic to acrylic, aluminum to steel.  If you can produce it, we can mark it. 

It has always been our mission to provide the highest level of individualized, professional engraving services to our clients, and we look forward to continuing those practices with each of the many services that we are able to provide and every customer that we have the privilege of working with. 

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