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LV Laser Engraving | Cerakote Cover Image

Cerakote coating was developed in the 1980s to address a need in the firearms market for a durable, thin, and resistant coating. Cerakote treatment is available for metal, plastic, polymer, and wood surfaces. The Cerakote process uses ceramic particles mixed with polymers. When properly cured, the coating creates a hardened surface that protects the treated firearm from scratches, abrasions, rust, pitting, and other oxidation. Cerakote is only one one-thousandth of an inch thick, and effectively coats and protects firearms without impacting their functionality at all.

Professional Cerakote coating involves complete treatment of the firearm before coating, and oven curing following coating to complete the coating and sealing process.

In addition to acting as a protectant, Cerakote coating protects a firearm’s moving parts in addition to its exterior surfaces. Cerakote prolongs a firearm’s life and reduces the need for external lubricants and oils. Less oil means less dust and dirt, which means less wear and tear.

Cerakote also greatly enhances any firearm’s cosmetic appeal. Cerakote is manufactured in over one hundred colors, and when applied in conjunction with laser engraving, the visual impact is amazing. Our pictures are nice, but you really have to see a Cerakote coating over laser engraving to really appreciate the color and effect the coating creates.

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