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LV Laser Engraving | Stippling Cover Image

Our laser stippling process uses your desired graphics or custom images we create with you to make your frame a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Laser stippling ensures a uniform, even, and perfectly imprinted pattern of your custom design. We can take any design idea you have and work with you to create custom images for your frame that provide a superior grip while transforming your weapon into a permanent personal statement of your style. Nothing brings us as much satisfaction as turning your design concepts into artwork that you will be proud to use and display for a lifetime. Our mission is to deliver your custom design perfectly, and we take great pride in producing work that you cannot wait to show off.

Stippled polymer surfaces also promote greater efficiency with your firearm. Proficiency is based on repetition and training. Tactile memory is just as much of a thing as muscle memory, and when your weapon has a well-designed stippling, each grip of the frame or stock will reproduce the same tactile sensations and feedback.

Laser stippling engraving requires artistic talent and expertise while also demanding great attention to detail and focus. When done by a professional with proper equipment, laser stippling also ensures the integrity of your firearm, keeping the frame or stock shape intact and permanently functional. We treat every firearm we work on as if it is our own.

Laser stippling is also available for many knife and bow handles and other large polymer surfaces.

Contact us today to get Las Vegas Laser Engraving’s expertise and design assistance for a classic stippling engraving or something special for your firearm.

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