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2021-07-02 21:17 | by Developer Team

We Are Opening For Business!

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We are very excited to announce our Grand Opening at our new location at 6985 West Sahara Avenue, #104, Las Vegas NV 89117, on July 8, 2019!

Tell your friends and family to come and see us, or just bring them with you.  We are ready to work with you to make your design concepts come to life.

Here’s the text of the press release we sent out on June 25.  (We’ll add some media links when our story is picked up.)

LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 25, 2019 — Las Vegas Laser Engraving is announcing its opening at 6985 West Sahara Avenue, #104, Las Vegas NV 89117, on July 1, 2019.

The company will provide laser engraving services for all members of the community and for businesses that need engraving services.  The primary customer base for the company will be firearms owners and enthusiasts who want to enhance, preserve, and protect their firearms and enhance their shooting and carrying experience. 

The company will offer custom laser engraving and stippling engraving for all types of firearms, and will also provide the highly sought after Cerakote coating treatment for all types of firearms and other items.  Las Vegas Laser Engraving will also provide services for all other types of industrial and commercial engraving, including serialization, signatures, branding, and all other markings.

The company is owned and operated by Brian Lack, a 15-year Las Vegas resident who has been active in the community and involved in web design and graphic design for many years before moving into professional custom engraving. Brian explains that “our company’s mission is to provide one-on-one design services and the highest level of professional artistic engraving to every customer we serve.  My years of graphic design translate directly to the custom service we offer our customers.  There are very few companies out there that offer true custom pieces.  Most engravers just download graphics and hit a button.  We can do that too, but what makes us different is our ability to work directly with customers to create and cut truly one of a kind pieces.”

Las Vegas Laser Engraving proudly supports family values and the freedom of Americans to carry firearms and the right to self-defense.  Brian’s family has a long and proud military history and the company supports American service personnel and all veterans.  Brian added, “We uphold our values and standards by delivering quality products to every customer.  My wife and I are avid collectors and appreciate the finer things when we can have them.  We want the same for our customers when they decide to use their hard-earned money to enhance their collections in ways that will last for a lifetime and beyond.”

Las Vegas Laser Engraving will be open to the public for all engraving services on July 1, 2019, and the company’s website can be found at 

We look forward to seeing you all at our new location and bringing your ideas and concepts to life. 

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